Sunday, 31 March 2013

Stock Update & News

First off, Happy Easter!

Secondly, here in the UK the clocks have gone on one hour so we are now officially in British Summer Time. I just wish the weather would take notice, even had a bit more snow yesterday.

Still back to the miniatures, and to start with a heads up on these.


It’s a Reaper Learn to Paint Kit, one of 5 they produce. Up until recently they supplied a couple of full pots of MS paint, and the rest as little tester pots. However recently they’ve changed so every paint included is a full sized bottle.

The best bit is they haven’t increased the prices. So when you start to add up what the contents of the kit would cost separately you quickly realise these are stunning value. You get a couple of metal minis and a couple of brushes too, all for £ 18.00.


The slotta base section has also been re-stocked with the most popular bases, and has new photographs to boot.

100_4001 - Copy (2)

The following miniatures are now back in stock. Click on the picture to go to the listing.



Savage Worlds




McKenna’s Miniatures

I received a message from a MH customer wondering if I’d mind giving him a plug for his new painting service. Well I’m always happy to help if I can, so here it is.


As you can see the gentleman concerned is no slouch with a brush, and his prices look good too. Click on the picture to go to his site. He’s on Facebook too.



More greens are in for GoblinAid. Quite a few to see now so follow the banner link to the GoblinAid facebook page. However as its just this minute popped up, behold Judge Goblin from Inso.




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