Friday, 19 April 2013

Godslayer Update & Mirliton Price Increase

Just updated my Megalith Games section with some of their new Godslayer miniatures. Click on the pictures to go to the listings.



Mirliton Price Increase

After several years of holding their prices against rising metal costs Mirliton have finally announced a 10% price rise. I hope to be getting the Mirliton section updated with this over the coming weeks. However if you’re quick you can still secure items at the old prices.

Reaper Bones

Currently I’m expecting a large amount of the new Reaper Bones miniatures to go on general release on the 30th April 2013. This still might change but I won’t know anymore until Reapercon is over. What I can say is the codes start at 77030 and finish at 77194, so that’s 164 new plastics to add to the range. Its a good spread of characters and monsters too.

For example Deathsleet the dragon.


In metal £ 44.00

In Bones plastic £ 13.50.

Keep an eye on the MH Facebook page or Twitter feed for more information.



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  1. Actually, there will be new bones in the 80* (imef and nova) and 89* (pathfinder) number series as well.

    This link goes to a post on the reaper forum with all the new bones-figures. Should be 208(?) new figures?
    (Disclaimer: although the list was originally posted by Bryan of Reaper Miniatures, it's not guaranteed it is completely correct, but neither will be the new catalog).

    Shipping to stores and showing up in the webshop should be starting after all kickstarters are sent out.