Friday, 26 April 2013

Reaper Bones Update & News

Having a very successful kickstarter can be a double edged sword. Yes you get a great investment, but you also have to make good to those who pledged money to your cause. Reaper have 18,000 pledges to deal with which however you look at it, is pretty immense.

So when I looked at the retailers pre-order section of the Reaper website yesterday, I was only half surprised to see the big bones release had been put back by two months. Instead of the 30th April, its now stating 30th June 2013.

Two big miniatures, Nethyrmaul the Undying & Kaladrax  are currently under the release date of 30th May 2013.

It’s disappointing all round as I’ve been wanting to get these in as much as anyone else. But nothing has been lost, it’s just going to take a little longer that’s all.


I didn’t know Gareth ‘Grekwood’ Sutherwood personally, or even had dealings with him, but I know many did, especially residents of the FOD. I also know he was held in high esteem which made his passing so young all the more tragic.

Still out of this sadness a little bit of good has come. Noted blogger, Grymn lord and talented amateur sculptor Inso, decided to make a Grekwood miniature. It’s now been cast up and is available to purchase via his brother Carl at Grekwood Miniatures. £1 of each sale will be donated to the CGD Society Charity, which makes its doubly worth buying.

Pictured below is how he evolved, from green to painted matal miniature. Grekwood Minis also have other good stuff too.


Eye Candy

With ReaperCon and Salute over for another year many pictures of the wonderfully painted miniatures have been published. The diorama below is no exception. However the artist, Jabberwocky, is a valued member of my forum, and it won a Golden Sophie along with Best in Show at ReaperCon 2013. I also think it crosses the boundary from toys and gaming pieces to well executed art.


Click on the pictures to go to his forum thread and see how he created this stunning piece. You’ll be surprised what its made from.




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