Friday, 3 May 2013

Otherworld Miniatures now available to order


I’ve been busy the last couple of days getting the Otherworld range uploaded into the shop.

Old School AD&D inspired miniatures but with modern quality and top notch sculpting. Just have a look below.


Just scroll down the left side menu on the home page and select the Otherworld tab. Clicking on any picture will take you there.


New Blog

My good friend and forum member Jabberwocky has decided to start a blog.

As you’ve already seen he’s a talented painter and a good guy to boot. If you’d like to subscribe click HERE to see what it’s about.

Monday is a bank holiday for us here in the UK, which means a day off. That is unless you work for yourself Winking smile

Next order dispatching day will therefore be on Tuesday 7th May.

Remember I have a Mirliton order being submitted on Monday 6th May, so please order before then if you want anything.




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