Sunday, 2 June 2013

Ordering update

Had a Reaper and a Mirliton order arrive on Friday, so I’ve been busily packing them ready for a Monday 3rd dispatch.

This also means a restock on Reaper products, mainly the bones plastics and the paints.

However speaking of Mirliton, I’ve had a bit of a break through. They’ve agreed to waive the minimum order amount. So I no longer have to reach 150 euros worth before I can place an order.

Clearly I’ve still got to get an economic order together, but it does mean I now have the potential to order more often, and get their products in quicker.

So bearing in mind its now June, and Mirliton shut down for the whole of August, getting you orders in now might be a good idea.

Tonight is also Reaper order night!



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