Sunday, 9 June 2013

Pre-Owned Update

Some pre-slotta Slann and a few Vikings to go with them in this update. Also a Red Dragon, a Wizard and a Dwarf.

First though a Goblin


A couple of reasons for showing this rather superb little chap from the Mannequin Miniatures Range.

First its been excellently painted by Jabberwocky and you can vote on it at CMON HERE

Secondly its by Kev Adams, which brings me neatly onto Goblinaid. All the donated sculpted Goblins are now in with the Goblinaid high command and are now probably with RPE ready for turning into shiny metal goodies. As soon as these go live I’ll post as let you all know.

However for the latest news I recommend you ‘like’ the Goblinaid facebook page.

Right then, on with the update. Just click on the pictures to go to the listings.






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