Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bones Release Date Revised (again!)

Found out today that Reaper have pushed back the general release date of the Bones miniatures to the 19th August.

Clearly not the news any of us were hoping for, but equally nothing we can do about it either.

So where does that leave your pre-orders? Well exactly as they were to be honest. As soon as I can get them I will order the now large amount of Bones miniatures you’ve all been good enough to pre-order, and get them out to you as soon as I can. It just won’t be as quickly as I had first thought.

At the time of writing I would expect to be dispatching the first of the new Bones towards the mid to end of September 2013.

Also, Parcelforce have failed to deliver the Reaper order I was expecting in today. Therefore I won’t be able to dispatch those orders I would have done for Friday 26th July.  These orders will now go out the week commencing the 29th July.

I don’t actually have any control over the above events, but I am sorry for any inconvenience they may cause. If you have any queries or order concerns please just email me through the shop.



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