Monday, 8 July 2013

News of impending orders and things…


Next Mirliton Order

Well the impending order is once again Mirliton. I’ve got the order ready but this is the last call just in case someone would like something. Remember, they shut down for the whole of August so its going to be late September / early October before I can order from them again.



To see the range please click HERE

The new Reaper Bones section of the shop will go live on the 22nd July.  keep an eye on my Facebook page as I’m posting information each day on a different item in the ranges.

I’m also on twitter as Miniature-Heroes.

End of line Ranges

Shadowforge  and Bederken stocks are almost depleted now, and I won’t be getting anymore in. Importing costs are just too high so if you want anything from what’s left, now would be a good time to grab it.


FigurePainter Magazine

Just a note to let you know of a little contest FP magazine are running on their Facebook page. Simply upload an image of your painted miniature onto their Facebook page and the one with the most ‘likes’ at the end of the month wins a free display plinth from Model Display Products.


MH forum member Inso is steaming away with his latest project, which is well worth a read by clicking on the above link. Well worth doing so too as his background writing is always well thought-out and a pleasure to read.

He’s also put this bad boy together.


Its a Reaper Pathfinder Dragon, sculpted by Julie Guthrie, and one of the best Dragons currently on the market. It’ll be even better when he’s painted it. Coming back into stock soon.

And lastly

Have a look at this…


a Reaper Hell Hound. But this one has been based and painted by Sean ‘Jabberwocky’ Fulton. I think its safe to say its pretty ‘hot’ paintwork. Its nearly finished so if you’d like to keep up to date with the finished piece, keep an eye on his forum thread by clicking on the image above.

Right then it just leaves me to ask you to like and share Miniature-Heroes if you feel able, across any online platform you care too.

If you have any questions please just get in touch.



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