Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pre-Owned update & News


Understandably many of you have been in contact asking how the new Reaper bones orders are getting on. Well all your orders have been placed with Reaper and paid for. However I’m still waiting for them to dispatch. Something that I hope won’t be too much longer.

Shipping rates

Lots of customers in the UK don’t seem to be making the best use of the shipping rates.

Currently you can buy up to £ 20.00 of items and as long as the shipping weight isn’t over 1kg, it’ll cost no more than £ 3.00 for postage.

Spending £ 2.15 on a single pot of MS paint when the shipping cost is the same as if you’d bought 9, doesn’t make the best economic sense. And with the Reaper bones being much lighter than metal you can really clean up with those too.


Pre-Owned Update

Just click on the links to go to the listings.



ID help please

This is a citadel piece inscribed Gutbag. Dated 198*. I think its a goblin, but it is rather too well dressed. If anyone knows the more about it please let me know either on the blog, Facebook or email.





  1. Yup, Gutbag is a Goblin from the Death on the Reik adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (original boxed set 1987, hardcover 1988, and many reprints since).

    As for why he's dressed so well, I'll see if I can dig up a copy of the book and will post back if I can find it!

  2. Okay, so this one is a doozy:

    Gutbag Stoat Throttler, to give him his full name, is the leader of a goblin tribe that are working for a Human female cultist called Etelka. Gutbag is looking to become a powerful shaman so he figures copying everything Etelka does the best way to go.

    So far, he's gone as far as wearing her clothes, jewellery, and perfume... :D

    1. Thanks Matt, that clears up a lot of questions :)