Tuesday, 3 September 2013

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Well last week was awkward to say the least. Now Reaper have got through their kickstarter pledges the more day to day aspects of running their business have started to come to the fore.

As you can see from their post HERE they are now adapting to the increase in shipping charges that the USPS imposed on them, and everyone else in the US back in January of this year.

This has had a knock on effect for their trade customers too, of which I am one. The bottom line is the shipping costs I’m now being charged have seriously increased, so regrettably I’ve had to put up my Reaper prices across the board. Already placed orders are unaffected, but orders from the 1st September 2013 onwards are now at the new prices.

This also means I may not be ordering from them every week as I need to have a good order value to make the shipping worthwhile.

This doesn’t mean I will stop carrying Reaper products, far from it. But it does mean the ordering waiting times may increase a little.


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