Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Bones II–Third Wave Release

Just when you thought it was safe Reaper have gone and released the third wave of the Bones II Kickstarter miniatures.

These are now in stock in limited quantities, but of course you can pre-order more. And handily my next Reaper order will be submitted on the 1st October 2015 at 10.00am.

I’m also going to try out ordering every fortnight to speed things up a bit.

And don’t forget it’s the last few days of this.

otherworld advert


New Reaper Bones



Figurepainter Magazine 28


ON SALE NOW: £1.30
Welcome to issue 28 of Figure Painter Magazine.
I must say we have a stonking issue for you this month (that’s a good thing for our non-UK readers :)). We have four brilliant tutorials from the likes of Thor Studio, Justin McCoy and a massive one from Fernando Ruiz.
We also take a close look at miniatures from Demented Games, Savage Forged Mini’s and Aradia as well as Deluxe Materials Create & Shape. Event reports for this years Iron Painter online painting comp and that geek mecca, Gen Con 2015. But, to kick us off we have a chat with the world famous Danilo Cartacci who is the focus of the Insight Interview.

Click on the picture to get your copy.


Relics of the Veil: Corruption [Kindle Edition]


It’s always nice to know what a talented bunch my customers are, as the above just goes to show.  Mr Ryan Coombes has written the above book, and judging by the reviews on the Amazon page, he’s made rather a good job of it too. Please pop along and have a look, he’s put in an awful lot of work and deserves a lot of credit for his efforts.

(and don’t forget where you heard his name first ! )




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