Saturday, 17 October 2015

Reaper Favourites Back In Stock

Had my latest delivery from Reaper arrive on Thursday afternoon. Orders are now packed and dispatched, and the shop has been re-stocked.

The bad news is the Great Purple Worm is currently unavailable from Reaper. More than a little annoying as they are currently the best selling bones miniature on the product list, 307 sold so far.

However on the positive side I now have stock of some old favourites I haven’t been able to get hold of for a while.



I’ve also got more of the latest releases of Bones in stock too. Miniatures like..


Don’t forget the paints !

Fed up with your old paints or just want to try something different, then why not give Reaper paints a try? Both the singles in MS, HD and Heavy Gear have been restocked. And the three tone Triad packs are pretty much all in stock too.

And if your worried how they work with other paints, see below.


My latest painting completion, Reaper 03666 Elizabeth – Pirate Captain.

The piece was painted using a mixture of Reaper MS, Scalecolor, Vallejo and ancient GW paints. Some were mixed together, others used singularly. All worked together with no problem. Reaper flow improver and drying retarder were also added to help with the layering and shading. Again whatever mix of whatever paints, they all worked well.


I’ve also got Reaper’s Warlord 2nd Edition rules and Otherworld Skirmish rules in stock too.


Reaper also Released a trio of new metal miniatures at the beginning of the week too.


Next Mirliton Order

Having only just received the last Mirliton order it seems a little strange to be talking about the next one. However at their current slow rate of packing and dispatching it needs to be done. My next order with them will be submitted on the 2nd November 2015. This should make sure that the items are here in time for Christmas 2015.

Speaking of which,

Ordering in time for Christmas 2015

I say this every year, please order early if you wand stuff in time for the big day. I’m now ordering from Reaper on a fortnightly basis, but it still takes 3-4 weeks for a package to travel across the Atlantic, crawl through UK Customs, get released to Parcelforce,  and finally delivered. December is a short month as far as posting is concerned so time is starting to run out. Next Reaper order will be on the 30th October 2015. The one after that on the 15th November could well make things too late for delivery on the big day.

Right that seems to have covered everything for now.



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