Thursday, 17 May 2012

DarkSword update & Portal 22

Just updated the site with the latest releases from DarkSword miniatures. A good mix from them including fighting females, adventuring animals, and a 54mm diorama piece based on a Song of Fire & Ice.

dsm1170 dsm7997

Wamp forum’s Darksword miniature painting contest is also getting towards its deadline. In support of this all Song of Fire & Ice miniatures are currently 10% off the rrp, till the competition closes.

Portal ezine issue 22 is also now out and available for a free download. The usual great mix of articles, reviews and interviews. Well worth taking the time to download and read.


For those near Texas, Reapercon is now live and happening. A pity for the rest of us, but for those who can attend, its worth the effort. They’re great people and very friendly so support them if you can.



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