Sunday, 27 May 2012

New Mirliton Releases

Mirliton have released some more old Grenadier from the vaults, which I now have in the shop ready to pre-order.

If you would like any of these, or anything else from the Mirliton range, please place your orders soon, as my order will be going in around June 6th.

Also for those reading this not living in the UK, we will be having a 2 day public holiday here to mark the Queen’s 60 years on the throne. This make no difference to the ordering, or me being in attendance in the shop. However it does mean any orders I have in stock won’t be dispatched until the 6th June at the earliest.

I’ve also had a re-stock of Mannequin products, more Orcs and Shadow Goblins.

Right, on with the update. Click the pictures for more info.

NM051 OL005 OR037 TR007 TR008 WE020 CR033 CR034 CR035 CR036 CR037 CR038 CR039 CR040 CR041 CR042 CR043 CR044

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