Wednesday, 30 May 2012

New Reaper Releases

With ReaperCon now finished for another year, Reaper have got back to their more regular release pattern. The following miniatures are now in the shop and available for pre-order.

The only slight difference is this first miniature Anvall Thricedammed. This is a resin miniature and also a limited edition. Reaper have started off a line of resin miniatures, not to be confused with their plastics, and this is the first.


Its limited to 50 pieces with a price tag of £ 17.00. For that you get a mostly resin miniature with a metal axe. 38mm tall it will require assembly and of course painting.

The problem is that as there are only 50 available, if you want one I’m going to need your order in quickly. I don’t expect there to be too many of these left by this time next week.

The rest of the releases :

10035_Gunslingers_Web 03615_w_1 03616_w_1 03617_w_1 03618_p_1_mj 03620_w_1 03621_w_1

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