Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Stock Update – Reaper & Megalith

Well the sale order from Reaper arrived yesterday, and its now been packed and dispatched. Also yesterday my Megalith Games order also arrived. Unfortunately all the extra I ordered in for stock has gone on pre-orders so I’ve only got a Nordgaard starter set left.

But I can report that the quality is excellent. Both the rule and background books are produced on high quality materials with lots of excellent artwork. The time these guys have spent in developing this really shows. I haven’t seen the miniatures in the metal yet, it would mean opening a box and ruining the stock. However if the rest is anything to go by, they are going to be good.

Below are just a couple of quick snaps I took of the outer book sleeve, the front covers of the rule and background books, and pics of the Nordgaard boxed set that I currently have in stock.

As usual click on the pictures for more information.

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New Reaper Stock





Savage Worlds



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Master Series Paint – Singles

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  1. I love what Reaper is doing with Bones, and once the Kickstarter stuff starts hitting the shelves, you can expect a big order from me! Heck, I might just order some of the current batch for fun...

    I'm not feeling Godslayer, though. It feels too much like Warmachine meets Warhammer, and has a bitty, disorganized feel to gameplay.

  2. That's fair enough, each to their own. But the minis that go with GodSlayer are pretty good.

    As for Bones, I think they're going to be game changers if the interest in the kickstarter is anything to go by.