Sunday, 11 November 2012

Stock Update & Reaper News

Reaper have posted this up on their website so I thought I’d share.

KS_kaladrax-3prototype KS_kaladrax-1prototype KS_kaladrax-2prototype

This is Kaladrax in all his plastic bones glory. I think the human miniature by its side is around 32mm tall, which means this is one big beastie. If you pledged to get this on their Kickstarter drive then its cost you the princely sum of $ 10 or £ 6.30 or 7.87 euros.  That is something worth smiling about :)

No word on the standard rrp yet for the rest of us.

Stock Update

Reaper have delivered, and now the orders are packed I have the following items back in stock.



77003 77007 77010



 09713 09729 0974309750

 9003 9037 9049 9053 9054 9094 9107 9136 9142 9143 9214 9247

Don’t forget this is also order night for Reaper, DarkSword and GodSlayer. Christmas is approaching and the window for getting items in stock in time for the big day is shrinking.




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