Friday, 1 February 2013

February Facebook Promotion

As the last one went so well I thought I’d do another one for this month.

So here it is, the second MH facebook promotion

Just click on the link and enter for a chance to win. And if you want to ‘like’ the MH page at the same time, well I won’t complain Winking smile

Anyway back to the important bit, the prize.

Some hard to find goodies from Reaper Miniatures this time.

First up is a real treat, Monterey Jack cowboy Mousling. This chap was only available at ReaperCon in the US so there aren’t going to be many, if any others here in the UK or Europe.


These are the oop Zombie Mouslings with their chainsaw weilding survivor.

Artistcon 2010 Mouslings

Finally we have Echidnox, the oop leader of the Legion of Justice and Caeke. He’s been oop for several years now and again is rare this side of the Atlantic.


All brand new and blistered.


All you have to do to stand a chance of winning is follow the link and enter. There is no question to answer, nothing to buy and no email harvesting for marketing purposes. Just the chance to win some really rare miniatures for FREE!


The promotion finishes on the 7th February 2013, so come on Join in to Win!



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