Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New Reaper Releases & Basecrafts offer

Some new miniature releases from Reaper.

Just click on the pictures to go to the shop listings.



I hope to be doing a restock of basecrafts excellent basing kits in the near future. Unfortunately the price of each kit has gone up from £ 10.00 to £ 12.00.

However if you order or pre-order between now and 12.00pm GMT on Thursday 7th February, I will still supply at the old £ 10.00 price. After that I’ll have to raise the price.


As the middle of February draws near its only natural that our thoughts turn to love. Now you could show that special someone how much you care with flowers or chocolates, but as I don’t sell either of those, how about a mousling instead?


It’ll last longer too Winking smile


You might also like to know about a new magazine that is on the hobby horizon.


Currently in the planning stages on Facebook so pop along and ‘like’ the page. I know a bit about the people behind this and personally I think it’s going to be rather special.


My Facebook promo is still running, but only till Thursday night GMT.


Join in to win!



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