Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hero Holders are go!

Launched this morning, (20th March), but only got time to blog about them now. Yes the pre-slotta bases MK II are now available for sale HERE Thanks are due to Jollybob for the splendid name, and of course to Shane for doing the 3D design work.


So these are what I have currently available.

100_1995-1_edited 100_1975-1_edited 100_1977-1_edited 100_1979-1_edited 100_1981-1_edited 100_1983-1_edited 100_1985-1_edited 100_1987-1_edited 100_1989-1_edited 100_1991-1_edited 100_1993-1_edited

All are 5mm tall. The squares have exterior dimensions of 20, 30, 40. & 50 mm

The rounds are 30, 40 & 50 in a choice of two different lip versions.

But what do you use them for? Well the pictures below should help explain.


Stick a pre-slotta mini in the base, fill round it with epoxy putty, green stuff etc, and then flock and base as you would a slotta. Its that simple and allows scenic basing without having to try and remove an integral metal base.

Now this isn’t just for ancient old miniatures. Many new miniatures still come with metal bases. A good proportion of Reaper’s current range for example. Plus these also allow wargamers to base up their figures neatly, and set them correctly on the battlefield. The miniatures are less likely to fall over too.

Reaper plastics have their bases moulded on too. Far easier to remove than metal, or easier still to mount in a Hero Holder.

Do please check the INTERNAL measurements you require before ordering. These are smaller than the external measurements, and are stated on each listing.

I make these in house so the only limit to quantity is time and available resin.

If you have any thoughts or comments please let me know, either here, or at the MH forum.