Sunday, 11 March 2012

Reaper Bones & Stock Update

Well if this initial rush of orders is anything to go by, then Reaper have certainly hit a nerve with their new range of plastics, Reaper Bones.


77004 Cave Troll at £ 1.50, above is currently leading the charge with 11 sold at the time of writing. In fact I think that makes him my most sold Reaper miniature so far. Sadly its also a reflection of the times we’re also living through. Compare the price of the plastic troll with his metal original at £ 4.90 and you can see the attraction. Yet is £ 4.90 really that expensive to start with? Well currently, for a great deal of people yes it is, and I personally find that very sad.

However onto happier thoughts. Some people have asked if these are going to be like finecast? From ehat I have been able to research, no they aren’t. Whatever finecast actually is, these are injection moulded plastic, produced in China on a 200 tonne injection moulding machine. Though I haven’t actually seen one in the plastic yet, initial reports are that quality is excellent, and that they need no priming. So far its a win win situation all round.

As you may have read on my previous post, I suffered a router failure a few days ago. Not only did Reaper launch their Bones range while I was off line, but I also had my weekly Reaper delivery. I’ve now just been able to update the shop with the re-stocks that were included within the box.

The following are now immediately available again.

50003 Ellen Stone – Cowgirl ( pictured )50003

09748 Ivory Bone paint triad

09745 Bloodthirsty Reds triad

09128 Green Ochre

09129 Faded Khaki

09199 Russet Brown

09200 Harvest Brown

09201 Orange Brown



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