Sunday, 18 March 2012

Portal 20 & a new line of products

Well first off Wamp have released their latest edition of Portal magazine. Its free to download HERE and well worth doing so. Mind you I would say that as I write a bit in it. This month I’ve tried to look ahead to what the hobby will be like in 20 years time. Personally I think 3D printers will feature quite a bit, but you’ll have to read ‘The View from the Hill’, section to find out why.


3D printing has been on my mind quite a bit recently. It is certainly a very handy way of getting prototypes and masters made, if you know what to do. I don’t, but a certain Mr R, who also happens to be the mover and shaker behind most of Portal, does.

His skill with 3D printing files has allowed me to further a set of products that I’ve had on the go now for about a year. My first attempts at pre-slotta bases were ok, but I couldn’t get the sizes right myself. Also trying to make square ones that looked accurate was just about impossible for my limited skill set on a milling machine. 3D prinfing has allowed the production of a set of accurate, well made masters, that I have now moulded and cast in ivory coloured resin.

More details and the full launch will be in a few days time. However here’s a teaser pic to be going on with.



More on these later.



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  1. The base looks like it has come out really nice. Can't wait to see these :)