Wednesday, 28 March 2012

More on bones and forums

Well the mammoth packing session is complete and the first wave of Reaper’s new plastics are on their way to their new owners.

Now as you know I’m an old lead fan, and not overly keen on any other miniature making material. However I have to admit Reaper have come up with a quality product at a great price. Some do have tiny mould lines, but that’s about it. No bubbles or miscast pieces that I could see through the blisters. No flash, even on close together parts like fingers, and good crisp detail. I haven’t had one out of its blister, so I don’t know how they paint, but that question will probably be resolved on the many miniature forums in the coming days.

And of course if you need any Reaper paints, you know where to come :)

Speaking of forums, I’ve been having a bit of a discussion with some of the members over at my little talking shop. Its a proboards forum, which is all I could get for free at the time a couple of years ago. However as many of you will know doubt know, proboards is towards the bottom of the forum food chain. Its limited features and picture hosting ability isn’t great for a hobby where images are pretty important. So I’ve asked the current membership if they would like to switch to a new simple machines board, or stay with the old board. Currently its moving in favour of the move, which I personally support.

The problem is I can’t transfer the existing information and membership from the proboards forum to the new one; proboards don’t allow it. I did find a crawler program but I haven’t a clue what to do with it. So it looks very much as if it’ll be starting again from scratch. This may or may not be a good thing depending on your point of view.

My existing mod team are coming across, but I’m also going to want an couple of others, preferably techy types to offset the non techy administrator. Female mods would be a great addition to help counter the present all male admin team. Its never going to be a taxing role, after 2 years and three painting contests the current membership only stands at 129, so its certainly light duties only. That said I do want to encourage a bit more activity, old minis, new minis, painting help groups, trading board etc.

Send me a email if you’re interested.

Lastly, the wonderful news about the postal charge increases :( Just what we all didn’t need. So we’re now all going to be paying to fatten up the Royal Mail, so it can be privatised and then sold back to us. If I came and took your telly, then sold it back to you the next day, you’d think you’d been conned. But if I charged you to look at it, then took it away only to return next day and still sell it back to you, you’d clearly know I was a government!

Buy or pre-order before the 30th April and I will honour the postage price you paid at the time of ordering. After that orders from 0 to 100g will be price X with the next price break covering the weight range from 101g to 750g.



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